Colombia El Corazon


Colombia El Corazon


Region: Huila (a small collection of farmers)
Elevation: 1615-1675 meters
Process: Wet
Medium Roast

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Our Colombia Monserrate has notes of cherry, walnut, and nutmeg.

This is the classic cup of coffee you'll find at diners across the nation - and brewed excellently as drip coffee in our Portland caffè.

We enjoy the Colombia prepared as a pour over (the tried-and-true Melitta system is our favorite), drip coffee, and French press. It also makes a sweetly complex single origin espresso!

We suggest that you keep your Spella coffee in an air-tight container (such as a mason jar), in a cool, dry place (never a refrigerator or freezer). Our beans have a really impressive shelf life, and we find that - if stored correctly - they are delicious up to 3-4 weeks after their roast date.

Online orders for coffee beans are roasted on Tuesdays and shipped on Wednesdays. All orders will be shipped within one week of purchase. Please contact us directly if you have expedited shipping needs.