You may have noticed a new coffee on the shelf in the caffè - we are so pleased to offer a special bean from the Harari region of Ethiopia. 

Grown at 2300 m / 7550 ft elevation in the Eastern highlands of the Gololcha District, the Harar Abebayehu is a Grade 2 coffee that is dry processed on raised beds (as seen above). We have a direct trade relationship with this coffee's farmer, who hand processes the beans post-drying to ensure extraordinarily high quality.  

The Harar Abebayehu shines - with earthy notes of chocolate, fig, and blueberry -  as a Melitta, pour over coffee, stovetop espresso, and Aeropress. 

We stock our shelf in the caffè at the beginning of each week, so you'll have the best luck getting your hands on this new coffee on a Monday or Tuesday. When you do, please let us know what you think!