G.M. (General Miracle Worker)(Manager); Roaster; Barista

Smart as a whip and quick on her feet, Tasha is our go-to problem solver. The only member of the  Spella crew to have worked with Andrea since the cart days, Tasha found her way to Portland's coffee scene from Florida. In the caffè, you'll know her by the upbeat Indie rock playing behind bar -- and the perfectly glossed and fluffy cappuccino on the counter. 


Roaster; Barista

If you find yourself walking out of the caffè with an affogato when you came in for a drip coffee, chances are you chatted with Sophie. As sweet as the (house-made) whipped cream she'll encourage you to indulge in, Sophie loves connecting with our customers over travel, good food, and adventurous craft cocktails. She's been hand-pulling beautiful, rich espresso for us since early 2014.


Wholesale Accounts Manager; Barista

Jon moved from Phoenix, Arizona, in the summer of 2015 to join the Spella team. When he isn't steaming and pouring velvety latte in the caffè or dashing across town to take care of the various restaurants and shops we collaborate with, then he's probably having a run along the waterfront -- all with an easy and warm smile. Jon loves helping our customers feel comfortable in the caffè, so if you don't know what to order, or would like to try something new, he would love to surprise you with a drink of his choosing.  


Office Accounts Manager; Barista

If you've ever wanted to speak German with a tie-wearing barista in an Italian espresso bar, Maika's your girl. (She speaks English, of course, too.) She's brought a particular dry wit and charm to the caffè experience since she joined the team in 2015 and it's difficult to imagine afternoons without her thoughtfully managed low stakes electro / high stakes aural enjoyment playing from behind the bar. Andrea has deemed her almond milk cappuccino some of the best he's had. 


Caffè Fairy

Sabrina works behind-the-scenes magic for the Spella team, chauffeuring our beans from the roastery on the east side of the river to the downtown caffè. Over the weekend, she infuses the caffè with a little fresh Sia or Rihanna energy from behind closed doors as she stocks our retail bean shelf and makes sure all is in order for business on Monday. 



Demo Manager

Based in Eugene, Oregon, Karen's is the lovely face you'll see if you come across an in-store sampling of our coffees at Market of Choice stores. She's well-versed in the history and special subtleties of the beans we roast and is happy to share all she knows to help you find an excellent home-brewing fit!